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Tommy B. McDonell : Art to Appreciate
Location :  Artist League of the Sandhills
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    : 129 Exchange Street
    : Aberdeen, NC
  • Dates :  6/6/2021-7/1/2023
    Reception :  Sunday, June 6, 2021 12:00:00 AM
    Currently in revision, but in 2020 I wrote this:

    Color! Shapes! Pouring! Stencils! iPhone Apps! Supplies! You can never have too many art supplies. I so love to experiment. I so want to be me.

    In the beginning, alcohol inks were my dream medium, While many people used them in crafts, I was already leaning toward abstract art: I used a blow dryer, rubbing alcohol, and learned to make bright colors, wind-swept sprays, oceans that roared, and an occasional flower or two. Later, I would learn to use compressed air and add many more products to my paintings.

    Inks allowed me to be me. While I had a background in art history, I didnít then, and, still donít, draw. I use shapes, stencils, I cut things out, and I mix unusual products and ingredients in my art. I began to paint daily, and because of my background in online education, I was one of the first artists to take online classes. And some way or another, I wandered into mixed media. I became obsessed with layering, and I often painting 30 hours a week.

    To this day, I have never met an art medium that I didnít want to try. Iíve worked in watercolors, alcohol inks, acrylics, oils, encaustics, pastels and more. It wasnít until I began to combine them with mediums such as tar gel, or glass beads that I really developed my own style. And Iím proud that people can recognize many of my paintings.

    I now believe I am an artist. Whether this is because I have won awards, or because I spend so much time on my paintings, covered in paint, or on social media explaining my art, Iím not sure.

    Moving from NYC to NC was (and is) difficult for me. My life has greatly changed due to my MS, which now affects how I think and how I process information. Art has given me a way to be almost who I was in NYC: excited, verbal, with many, oh so many, viewpoints!

    Iíve learned how to be myself with my art. And I like that I continue to grow. (September 2020)


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