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VIDEO: Ordering Non-Standard Sized Prints

We often get phone calls from customers who need a custom sized print, either to fit an existing frame or because they want their prints to be the same size as their original artwork. Although we don't explicitly offer custom sized prints, with a little file prep work, you can get any size you need. In this video Sara explains how to prepare a file to order a non-standard sized print.

You can also find file preparation instructions in this article in the section titled "Ordering Non-Standard Sized Prints".

Trimming Prints:
As long as your prints are prepared for trimming, we would be happy to trim them down to size during production. By "prepared for trimming", we mean that the cuts have to be obvious without requiring any measuring. You can achieve this by (1) adding trim marks to your digital files, (2) by anchoring the image to the corner of a digital file as explained in the video, or (3) by creating a block of color separate from the background of your image that needs to be trimmed off.

We would be happy to trim up to 3 prints per order at no additional cost. Anything more than that will be trimmed at the cost of $1 per cut. If you have four prints in your order that need to be trimmed, we will trim the first three free of charge and then begin charging you at the rate of $1 per cut on any additional prints. If a print requires two cuts, you will be charged $2 to trim that print.

If you need your prints trimmed, please send us an e-mail IMMEDIATELY after placing your order requesting that we do so.

As you know, we take customer feedback very seriously and most of the changes made around here are based on customer requests. If there is a particular size that you find yourself needing, please contact us to let us know. If there is enough interest, we'll add the size to our site.

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