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Superior Quality Archival Chromogenic Photographic Prints (C-Prints)
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At, we help artists and photographers from all over the country make excellent Chromogenic Photographic Prints (C-Prints) from their digital files. We are committed to providing high quality products and superior customer service.

Chromogenic color prints are full-color photographic prints made using chromogenic materials and processes. These prints may be produced from an original digital image.

The first commercially available chromogenic print process was Kodacolor, introduced by Kodak in January of 1942. Kodak introduced a chromogenic paper with the name Type-C in the 1950s, and then discontinued the name several years later. The terminology Type-C and C-print have remained in popular use since this time. The chemistry used to develop chromogenic prints today is known as RA-4. Kodak Endura is one of the major professional chromogenic print papers.

The class of color photographic processes known as chromogenic are characterized by a reaction between two chemicals to form (or give birth to) the color dyes that make up a photographic image. Chromogenic color images are composed of three main dye layers—cyan, magenta, and yellow—that together form a full color image. The light sensitive material in each layer is a silver halide emulsion—just like black and white papers. After exposure, the silver image is developed (or reduced) by a special color developer. In this reaction, the color developer in the areas of exposed silver are oxidized, and then react with another chemical, the dye coupler, which is present throughout the emulsion. This is the chromogenic reaction—the union of the oxidized developer and the dye coupler form a color dye. Different dye couplers are used in each layer, so this same reaction forms a different colored dye in each layer. A series of processing steps follow, which remove the remaining silver and silver compounds, leaving a color image composed of dyes in three layers.

Prints can be exposed using digital exposure systems yielding a digital C print. These are exposed using LEDs on light sensitive photographic paper and processed using traditional silver based chemistry. These digital systems expose the paper using red, green, and blue lasers or light emitting diodes, and have the capability of correcting paper sensitivity errors.

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We know how important your images are to you, and we take pride in producing excellent reproductions of your work.

Here’s what you can expect from

Kodak Archival Paper: We proudly use Kodak Supra Endura Professional Photographic Paper to print all of our Chromogenic Photographic Prints (C-Prints). Kodak Supra Endura photographic paper has an extraordinary color gamut and state-of-the art image stability.

Paper Selection: We offer Photographic Prints on four different Kodak Supra Endura Papers: Glossy, Semi-Matte, Lustre, and Metallic.

Superior Customer Service: We are here to help you every step of the way. Through informative web help, e-mail responses and phone conversations we strive to make your experience using simple and satisfying.

Flexible Order Options: No minimum order. Combine paper surfaces and sizes in a single order. Choose to ship orders directly to clients, family and friends. Select from a variety of shipping options.

Quick Turnaround: Orders placed by 6 am EST, Monday through Saturday, for Chromogenic Prints will ship or be ready for pickup that same day.

100% Guarantee: We guarantee our work 100%, which means that we will redo or refund any order (or portion of an order) with which you are not completely satisfied.

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