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PSCK 2013 Finalists
At, we try to feature customer artwork and photography in our promotional materials and on the site as much as possible. Many of you use our services to order prints that you use to run your own businesses, Etsy shops & art shows; therefore, our success is very much linked to yours. When we feature customer artwork, we not only get the chance to feature some very cool imagery, but we also get to help promote our customers.

As a special ‘Thank You’ to our Ambassadors for all the work they’ve done to help promote us, for this particular project, we’ve offered the spotlight exclusively to them. To find out more about our Ambassador Program and how you can get involved, go to

Out of over one hundred and fifty submissions, we have narrowed the field down to 26 images. We need your help selecting the final 8. Voting will be open Tuesday, July 9th through 10am EST on Monday, July 22nd.

To vote, please choose one of the following options:

A.Go to Please "Like" our page. Then review the images in the “2013 iPrintfromHome Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit Images” album and click on “Like” to vote for individual images.


B.Review the images below and then send us an e-mail with the names of the images you would like to vote for.

Thank you for your help with this project!

the team

"Joyful Heart"
By Cher Odum

by Riva L. Berkovitz

"Lady in Brocade"
by Gillian Ivy

"Adirondak Afternoon"
by David McCann

"Lady of December"
by Angela R. Sasser

"Tiny Toes"
by Jennifer Baney

"Be Awesome Today"
by Allie Kelley

"Golden Mermaid"
by Julia Finucane

"Red Sea Scene in Egypt"
By Mary Lou Frost

By Lois Sowa Stipp

"Hulls Cove, Maine; October 26, 2012" (Beachcombing series No.67)
By Jennifer Steen Booher

By Marcus L. Wise

"Moonlit Dance"
by Jean M. Weiner

"Lost in Time"
by Aarika Sandlin

by M-J L. Adelman

by JD Brummer

"Can you hear me?"
by Kristen Hartwell Photography

"Koi Frenzy"
by Joy Yagid Photography

"Solitary Sunrise"
by Timothy J. Phelan

"The Mighty Niagara"
by William Smyers

"Dance of the Jellyfish"
by Jodi Ohl

"Portrait of a Nautilus"
by Linda Mann

"St. Louis Skyline at Sunset"
by Tyann Marcink

"Mums The Word"
by Alia Fernandez

by Jamie Ribisi-Braley

"Little Princess"
by Paula Showen Photography

NOTE: You can vote for as many images as you want, but only the top 8 will be featured in the new Paper Sampler & Calibration Kit.
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