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In the past, we have helped art teachers and students all across the country create 35mm Slides for their AP Portfolios.

Although 35mm Slides are no longer required for the AP, we are excited to continue working with art teachers and students to produce Photographic and Giclee Fine Art Prints for the “Quality” section of the AP Exam.

At, we produce Photographic and Giclee Fine Art Prints from digital files, which makes this portfolio-making process easier and faster than ever before.

Furthermore, you can get your students involved in the process of creating their prints. By teaching them how to perform basic image editing functions such as cropping and color balancing, your students can prepare professional digital images of their artwork to convert into Photographic and Giclee Fine Art Prints.

If you and your class are in a time crunch, please note that we offer same day turnaround at for Photographic Print orders - if you place your order by 6am EST, we have it ready for shipping by 4pm the same day, Monday through Saturday. Any order that comes in on Sunday will be shipped by 4pm on Monday. Please note that the turnaround time for Giclee Fine Art Prints is 3 business days.

Please click on the links to the left to learn more about ordering Photographic and Giclee Fine Art Prints from digital files.

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