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File Format and Size: Photographic Prints
We recommend JPEG files in the RGB color mode.

The system accepts JPEG and TIFF files in RGB format. CMYK or Grayscale is not acceptable.

We have optimized our systems to work best within the sRGB color space.

Common File Issues
Please note that our system will sometimes have problems if your filenames are very long or if they contain non-alphanumeric characters. Here is an example of the filename issue:

simple.jpg = good filename

complicated+7&21isajumbled name_final.jpg = bad/long filename

JPEG Issues
Please save your JPEG files as "Baseline (Standard)" JPEGs. Do not save your files as "Baseline Optimized" or "Progressive" JPEGs.

TIFF Issues
If you are going to prepare TIFF files, do NOT save them with LZW Compression. We are unable to image TIFF files with LZW Compression.

General File Issues
Our upload system may have problems if your files are very large.

File Size Recommendations
These are our file size recommendations in total pixels for ordering photographic prints from digital files:

Print Size MIN File Size MAX File Size
4x6 600x900 1200x1800
5x7 750x1050 1500x2100
8x10 1200x1500 2400x3000
8.5x11 1275x1650 2550x3300
8x12 1200x1800 2400x3600
11x14 1650x2100 3300x4200
12x18 1800x2700 3600x5400
16x20 2400x3000 4800x6000
16x24 2400x3600 4800x7200
20x24 3000x3600 6000x7200
20x30 3000x4500 6000x9000

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