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Closed-Loop Calibration Test

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the prints that you received from, you may want to do a Closed-Loop Calibration Test in order to better match our production processes to your monitor.

It is our policy not to make any "subjective" adjustments to our customerís files during the production process. In this way, you are assured that the prints you receive are accurate reproductions of the files that you uploaded. We survey our customers continuously and we get their highest rating almost without exception.

Here's how the Closed-Loop Calibration process works:

Estimate how much correction your digital file needs in regard to the problem you experienced. To help figure out the correction needed, please take your file and open it in Photoshop and intentionally make it look like the print you received by shifting the color, brightness or saturation settings. Please make sure that you take note of the change that you made because your estimated correction will be the opposite of this change.

Please be sure to save a copy of your original file when making these adjustments so that the original file remains in tact.

Do 3 file variations:

Variation #1 = Your best guess as to the level of correction your digital file needs x 0.5.

Variation #2 = Your best guess as to the level of correction your digital file needs.

Variation #3 = Your best guess as to the level of correction your digital file needs x 1.5.

For example, if you needed to decrease the brightness of your original file by 10 points to make it look like the print that you received, your best guess as to the level of correction your digital file needs would be to INCREASE the brightness by 10 points (which is the opposite of the original change). Accordingly, following the formula above, you would submit 3 files to us, the first with brightness increased by 5 points, the second with brightness increased by 10 points, and the third with brightness increased by 15 points.

Place an order for 4x6 prints from these adjusted files. Send us an email right after the order has been placed to let us know that you have placed a Closed-Loop Calibration Test order and we will credit your account so that you are only charged for shipping.

When you receive the test prints, review them against your monitor settings. If the test prints are to your satisfaction, we will redo your original order at no cost to you using adjusted image files.

If you are not satisfied with the test prints, please make further color, brightness or saturation adjustments to the original image file and place another Closed-Loop Calibration Test order through for new test 4x6 print outputs. We'll be happy to go through this calibration cycle of tests as many times as you need until you receive a print that meets your output requirements. Most artists find they get a satisfactory result after doing this only once, some do it a second time. Nobody has had to do it three times.

This may feel like a lot of work, but we also know how important it is to you to get precise reproductions on your work.

Color reproduction is a science only up to a point. We are comfortable with being able to execute the science very well. The final step is a very subjective calibration where only the artist is qualified to say when it is good enough. Our Closed-Loop Calibration Cycle allows us to help you get exactly the reproduction you want.

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