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Cropping Preferences
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    Whether or not to crop an image is the most common miscommunicated issue when making prints. We offer "Cropping Preferences" to give our customers more control over how their images are printed.

    When you order prints, you can choose to have your images printed "Crop to Fill" or "Smart Fit".

    "Crop to Fill"
    If you choose the "Crop to Fill" method, we will crop your digital image to fill the entire paper size, which means that certain parts of the original digital image will be "cropped out" and will not appear on the print. In the example above, you can see that the right and left sides of the image have been cropped out.

    Once you have added an item to your order, please click on "View/Edit Order" to make your cropping selections. If you select "Crop to Fill", you will be given the opportunity to zoom in & out on your image and set your exact crop by dragging your image into position within the print preview area.

    "Smart Fit"
    The "Smart Fit" method prints the entire image within the selected paper size, leaving any unfilled space white. This method is especially popular when making prints of works of art, as the entire digital image is printed with no cropping whatsoever.

    Many of our customers choose to add Borders to "Smart Fit" prints. To learn more about Borders, click here.

    **If the aspect ratio of your digital image is exactly the same as the print size you order, then either option will give you the same result: the entire image will fill the entire paper size with no cropping.

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  • About the Artwork Above

    Sculpture by Julie Silver
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